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About Cornerstone Cattle Marketing

"...and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Corner Stone.”
Ephesians 2:20

CCM is a cattle marketing education and consulting firm wholly owned and operated by cattle industry veteran Ann Barnhardt. In addition to CCM, Ann owns and operates Barnhardt Capital Management, an independent commodity brokerage firm, and also owns a farming, ranching and backgrounding enterprise. Ann strives in CCM to make good on Our Lord’s command to involve, integrate and acknowledge Him in every facet of our lives, including our BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL lives. The CCM methodology and curriculum is, without debate, the most logical, rigorous and proven in the cattle industry. From academics to financial professionals to veteran producers and ranchers to rank beginners, from the biggest agribusiness corporations to the smallest part-timer, from every possible geographic locale, and from cow/calf to stocker to feedlot operations, all who are exposed to the CCM curriculum are simultaneously stunned and overjoyed at its unimpeachable mathematical core, relative simplicity and “common sense” foundation. Practicing Christians will be further elated to discover that all of the core concepts covered in the CCM curriculum have DIRECT scriptural references, which Ann does discreetly point out for those interested. But don’t worry – there are no altar calls or queries as to the state of one’s soul. All theological points are delivered as brief asides so that they gently underpin and “flesh-out” the business concepts, and can be disregarded by participants without any loss of conceptual fidelity whatsoever.

CCM teaches and enables the following:

  • CONSISTENT PROFITABILITY: CCM is, in a nutshell, how to be consistently profitable in the CASH cattle markets, regardless of market direction. Not only is consistent profitability possible, it is the only ACCEPTABLE level of performance. If you have ever asked yourself, “How can I make money in this business?”, CCM has the direct answer. The CCM curriculum covers all facets of beef cattle production: cow/calf, stocker and feedlot.

  • MICRO ECONOMIC FOCUS: CCM is completely disinterested in large-scale aggregations, i.e. macro economics. There will be NO discussion of “cattle on feed” or “beef demand” statistics whatsoever. CCM is instead 100% concerned with individuals and individual performance and profitability. If you don’t feel that the CCM curriculum is directly and specifically applicable to you and your operation, your tuition will be refunded without question.

  • TRUE RISK MANAGEMENT: Sadly, what is referred to as “risk management” in the mainstream cattle industry today is actually a MAGNIFICATION of risk which can and does result in tremendous stress and harm to countless well-intentioned but misguided folks. Ann’s second-to-none expertise as a commodity broker gives you “the real story” about hedging and risk management. If you think you understand risk management and hedging, get ready to have your world turned (literally) upside down!

  • LIVING IN THE PRESENT: To put it bluntly, forecasting is slowly killing the North American cattle industry. The CCM curriculum rejects ALL forecasting as fundamentally harmful and logically unsound. By staying firmly anchored in real time, we can be completely agile within the market and take advantage of the massive inefficiencies (a.k.a. PROFIT) that are present and available every day. Ann’s early-career experience as a macro economic forecaster gives her penetrating insight and perspective which she wields to unceremoniously dismantle and expose the falsehood of the mainstream macro/forecasting paradigm.

  • PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: One universal activity practiced throughout the mainstream of the cattle business today is the laying of blame. Whether it is blaming the markets, blaming the packer, or blaming the neighbor, an entire culture and sub-industry has formed around the laying of blame for the lack of consistent profitability in the cattle business. At CCM, we fully acknowledge the fact that the individual is solely responsible for his profits and/or losses. Heck, we don’t just acknowledge personal responsibility – we embrace and celebrate it. A victim is stagnant and powerless to change his situation. An integrated, responsible man is the most powerful force this side of heaven. CCM unleashes that force.

The Level 1 course begins with the most exciting, riveting 5-hour lecture you will likely ever hear. Ann’s talent as a speaker will keep you not only awake, but leaning forward in your seat as she lays the conceptual foundation of the CCM method. You’ll laugh, you may cry (there is at least one at every school), and you will wear out your writing hand taking notes. We squeeze a delicious 45 minute beef lunch in at noon. Next up comes a mathematical practicum introducing you to the concept of sell-buy mercantilism. Day 1 wraps up with the beginnings of applied stocker cattle mathematics. Most attendees report being unable to sleep soundly after Day 1 due to sheer excitement as they lie in bed “with numbers dancing” through their minds. But we’re just getting warmed up. Day 2 begins with more stocker cattle math, followed by feedlot concepts. Next, we have an “order buying contest” and an applied accounting exercise. After lunch we move into cow/calf concepts, and finish the curriculum with an introduction to forward delivery contract concepts. Level 1 concludes with a tour of the CCM subscription website, of which all attendees get a free 30-day trial. The CCM Level 1 curriculum has been described as “trying to drink from a firehose”, and it is strongly suggested that folks repeat the Level 1 course. In fact, the curriculum is localized and freshened for every school, and is thus designed to be repeated.

In order to enroll in the CCM Level 2 course, the attendee MUST have completed the Level 1 course taught by Ann Barnhardt. Absolutely no exceptions. Absolutely no “quiz outs”. If you have not attended Ann’s Level 1 either in person or on DVD, you will be totally and completely lost in the Level 2. Guaranteed. Level 2 will begin with a review of key concepts and mathematical procedures – just to get everyone “warmed–up”. Snapshot real-time value spectrum charting will be introduced and covered in-depth. Forward delivery contract use and application will be covered in-depth, as will the difference between inventory protection and cash flow strategies. The Squash will be covered in-depth. Advanced applied trading scenarios and common pitfalls will be discussed. Attendees will be asked to submit in advance custom topics that they would like to review or cover, and time permitting, open discussion and networking will be facilitated. This will cover 1.5 days. The afternoon of the second day will be devoted to Dr. Tom Noffsinger, DVM. Dr. Tom will discuss applied low-stress husbandry methods and techniques for the serious CCM marketer. Topics will include low-stress receiving, early diagnosis and prevention of illness, handling of “high risk” cattle, facilities optimization, and custom discussion topics from the attendees. Dr. Tom’s gentle yet straightforward manner has made him one of the most highly sought-after husbandry consultants in the cattle industry today. Included in your Level 2 tuition is a Prime Rib buffet dinner on Friday night with an open bar. Join us for networking, great food and Christian fellowship as you meet your fellow CCM practitioners.

The Level 1 course is priced at $500 per person and the Level 2 course is priced at $600 per person.